Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'll be right back

When people suddenly get the "NTLDR is missing" error on their computer it's not on a system they bought yesterday, it's a system they've owned for years and they don't want to be buying a new system, they need something from that old system, usually locked away in a program, or it's the program itself.

I'm going to try and spend some time either coming up with a "convert your old system into a virtual machine" or "copy your old system onto a new hard drive", I've seen these tablets made by a company called "Winbook" running Windows 7 selling for less than $100, with hardware comparable to older systems. I'm thinking this could make for a fun project, and a reason to post here more often. Also, I was contacted about having some "Sponsored Posts", and I figure that I had better post something else here or it'll all be sponsored posts. See also "Native Advertising"

The title of the post is a reference to the line from the movie "Scream" where one of the characters says "Don't ever say 'I'll be right back', that's the kiss of death in a horror film"; I recall hearing John C. Dvorak mention on a show that if you ever see a blog that's been abandoned, the last blog post will always be "I've been neglecting this blog, but I'm going to post a lot more"; which reminds me of every diary or journal I've ever tried to keep.

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