Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Preaching to the choir - online backup and offsite backup

I was "vanity searching" for ntldr to see how I was doing in the rankings, and came across a post about the bad software that will encrypt all of your data until you pay them in BitCoin or MoneyPack.

I hope that you, dear reader, have already signed up for an online backup service like DropBox or SpiderOak or OneDrive or GoogleDrive or iCloud or something, so that even if the house burns down, the data on your PC isn't lost forever.

However I'm writing to encourage you to go one step further. Purchase an external hard drive, or even an external flash drive; every couple of years, and backup your data onto it, and preferably, leave it with a friend or relative. Bonus points if you create encrypted volumes.

I understand that this system isn't perfect, but it's close, and it's cheap, and I hope if you just got done reviving your PC, you'll at least try it.

Also for 2016, new website design. Yay colors!


Arman ibon said...

help me

m said...

Start at the website. TinyEmpire.com and follow the instructions. You will need another PC to make the disk